Saturday, February 09, 2008

First Dog Park!!

On this beautiful Saturday morning I took my two little critters to the dog park. I found one near my new spot and I have fallen in love with the idea of going every week! (If I can keep up with it!!hehe)
Here you can see Mel mingling with the other pups, and my baby Coco- she is still very shy and scared. I think she was overwhelmed with everything.She didnt make any new friends this time.But its my goal to make her more of a socialite!

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Anonymous said...

H! Friedia☆ Howz it going?
skull neckless がめちゃ可愛いけど、それは

your dogs Mel & Cocoめちゃめちゃ可愛い♡
I have one puppy of Boston Terrier(^^)
She is very punk puppy!!!!!!!!

I wanna go to the Dog Park with U & our pups
someday!!!!! hahahah