Thursday, June 26, 2008


Hey you guys! Iam back! It has been a very difficult month for me to write or do pretty much anything..but then I had a dream...
I know it may sound weird to you guys, but ever since that day, my brother has been in every dream, everyday.And about a week ago he was in my dream again and asked me to meet him in this room ,and he wasnt there, it was just his spirit reflecting in the mirror. And I asked " what happened to you? Why are you fading away?" And he told me that he was tired of roaming the earth and was ready to go to Heaven....And for me to be happy. Not to worry about him...
And like most mornings, I woke up crying, but this time it was different. Something felt better than yesterday...I dont know how to explain it. I still have my moments, those are still there...And I have decided to be happy for him. To live life to the fullest for him.So, I started to reach out to my friends again.( Sorry everyone for not calling, emailing etc...)
The first thing fun we decided to do was go watch the HULK movie when it came out. I wasnt too into it, so to entertain myself some more I went over to Target and bought myself some HULK gloves! That talks!
We took this photo before we went in. AND you know what! I enjoyed the movie so much! It was a fun night! Glad we did that.
I have also decided to start blogging some more.Be a famous blogger one day!
So Iam back you guys! Sorry for the 1 month absence. Missed you all!


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back !!!

Anonymous said...

yay wonderful news!!!
It's a great picture and post!! really happie for you =)
you should go for holiday(if you can :p), walk around the world =) you may like asia, there's nothing like riding a boat or lost in jungle in the rural parts of asian countries... my country malaysia here things are quiet.. and you can watch people going about their day... It's truly a different life from LA and most probably you can enjoy true asian fashion =)

Setchu-an said...

I'm happy to hear that you start to walk!
All lives are one as same as yesterday's me is considered same identity with today's myself.
All personalities are joint togather with LOVE.
Since you love him, he is your other days.

Anonymous said...

Hi, friedia!!!!!
I'm so much happpppyyyyyy:) Bcoz you are getting fine! You were so difficult time, but I trusted you to be fine someday!!!!! Josh is happy too, you were to be fine:)

これからは joshuaの分も一緒にyour life をenjoy, have fun してね:) Japanから応援してるよ:)
Everyone is waiting your blog:) Your blog is my best blogger in the world!!!!!
Congratulation "FRIEDIA SMAAASHHHHH!!" :) And I waiting you log in "mixi" :) XxX

Shorty said...

happy to read ur positive diary.

blogging more is awesome!

i hope ull be a blog queen some day.

Target is one of my favorite shop.

i live in Aus now but im going back to Japan next Tuesday.

Ill save money to study to become a high school teacher in Aus.

lol Shorty!!!!!!!!!

im tall enough. shorty is my aussie nickname. i like it.

have a great weekend!

s said...

this blog made me smile! i'm so happy that you have decided to live life so well, i bet josh would be wicked proud and happy. it's good to have you back. i like how you and your friend dressed in green for the HULK movie haha. take care xo

Anonymous said...


asm said...

We cheer you.

hamchee said...

welcome bak!!

we were waiting for you.
i hope you gonna b really happy for josh, and yah ,for urself!


Friedia said...

Thanks you guys!You are all such a great support! Going on a trip does sound like fun. Ive always been wanting to go backpacking in India, Or fashion week in Paris, Iam working on it! Will keep you all posted.
Sorry to keep you all in the dark. Iam back and better than ever, I have Josh in my heart 27/7!

odenkun said...

Hello!! this is my first time to leave a message for you studying English in Boston now so i try to write in English.

Im so happy cuz you feel better and come back here!!

I really understand your feeling cuz i also lost my yonger brother for 2 years ago.He was my only sibling so i was so sad.Sometimes i cry at night even now. But i try to be happy and smile for him like you. He alives in my heart and smiles forever.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think you really saw your brother in your dream. He wanted to go back to where he used to be and belongs to be. So he must be happy overthere. Don't you worry. And you have a dream, right? Why don't you try to come true for you and for your family? We all support you here! And you can do it! Ganbare!

Haru said...



Friediaの笑顔がとても可愛いよ :)