Monday, June 30, 2008

Go out and smell the Roses!

This is a picture I took the day before I left to come back to LA. Josh and I were talking about going to Tokyo tower before I left.
So we decided to go with Josh in our Hearts. And when we got out of the cab these beautiful pink flowers were there to greet us.
Since then I have been thinking about having a little garden. Since I dont have a yard, just yet!
I started a little indoor garden in the corner of the dining room. It is still very small. But I will work on making it bigger!
I have been doing it for a couple of weeks now, and I knew nothing. So yes, a few plants are already dying...:(
but, I bought a book on Amazon that should be here any day now that will rescue all these beauties! Let me work on them for another week till I actually show you some pictures!
Anyways, the weather is so nice in LA. Hope it is where you are too!Enjoy the sun! Go to the pool! And dont forget to go out and smell the roses!


Setchu-an(雪中庵) said...

The food for plants is sunlight.
Water is a side menu.
If you are watering too much, its roots will be decayed.

Anonymous said...

you should talk to them, i know this is very weird thing but it really works!! believe me, they can feel your love and give back their love to you with lovely flowers!!

Friedia said...

hmmm I see, So I should give them more sun! And yes, I have heard of talking to them, I try, But I will try harder!Sounds great!thank you