Friday, August 15, 2008

It's here ya'll!! WWD THURSDAY

So, I havent seen the actual newspaper yet! (For some reason my WWD comes a day late..hmm) Anyways, this was sent to me from the editor of the magazine. Who was also telling me how much she loved this top and wants to keep in touch with the line! SO my dream of having the line on the cover, isnt far!! The pictures turned out amazing, I couldnt of have asked for a better photo.
The model too is so perfect! Super Kawaii~! :) haha I have been looking at it all day and showing everyone that comes into sight!
It still a new line, but I see a very bright BRIGHT strobe light at the end! Fabules-ness!


miranda said...

congrats Friedia!im so proud of you,i know your line will make it BIG!

wonderhoney said...

wah wah wah more happy comes on your way =)

yay and ganbatteh =)

tara said...