Saturday, August 30, 2008

"PROJECT" Day 2!

Here we are for the 2nd day. We havent really slept for the past week, trying to get things ready and everyday just being non-stop. So we might look a little tired! I also saw two girls there from the TV show "the hills" The Whitney girl had her line there, and it was pretty cute! I see her in opening ceremony store all the time! I love her neon pink chanel flats! Very cuteness!
And I also found some very well dressed HIP people that I wanted to share. You know, its hard finding people with good style. You would think at a show like this you would give it your all to impress others, but a lot of the peeps didnt do much. They "DO" better when they go out at night...thats what is different from LA and Japan. In japan, we are always wanting to look good!


wonderhoney said...

every where people wanting to look good!!

wonderful collections wish i could get one of them in singapore or malaysia here... serious!!

matt said...

hey, i stumbled across this blog somehow...anyway i was surprised to see my coworker, Meg (2nd photo from bottom) glad you called her "stylish"!