Saturday, September 06, 2008

FandJ first Shipment!

Hey all of you! Sorry I have been in and out and not totally IN! It has been a busy week! As soon as we got back from Vegas, we went straight to the factory to pick up our scarves and push the workers to finish it all so we can ship.
Well, they finished the next day. We brought them all over to my house/office.(one day I will own buildings, dont you worry!)
And we had to seperate allthe scarves into their proper owners boxes to be shipped.Here is what it looked like! It took us all day!
I also had to do some personal shipping too! (again, one day I will own buildings that will have people help me ship out things!hehe)


wonderhoney said...

wah wah wah wish to get one please please??

Anonymous said...

where can we get these?!