Thursday, October 23, 2008

Michel Gondry and Friedia!

I was invited out to go to The Family Book Store down on Fairfax (in front of Canters) I rushed down there because I heard that one of my favorite Directors would be there, Michel Gondry. Well, the place packed but luckily my friend had waited since 6:30pm! She is such a sweetie! Thank you again for doing that for us!
I went up, handed him his book "You'll like This Film Because Your In It" and he asked name, I spelled it out like I always do and told him " Iam a very BIG fan"..he said back "You are tiny" And I said " Iam still a very big fan!" and he ended it with looking me up and down and said " You are small"so...i just said " I have a big heart for your work" and he laughed.
Couldnt talk much really, the line was out the door and down the street!
Hope to make movies like him one day! We need more creative directors out there. Not just explosion after explosion and killing then sex and more explosion....right??


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Wow that is so freaking awesome! I'd love to meet him one day as well. I still haven't seen his last film "Be Kind Rewind". Funny thing though, he directed "Dave Chappelles Block Party". I just found that out the other day. Is that strange? Well, I thought it was strange when I found out.

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wow, happie girl here =)