Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Getting ready for so many things...

I know Iam a month away,,,well,, actually we are getting kinda close. I have been super super busy. So this past Saturday I decided to take a little time off and do something creative. I made a little trip to this place called Michaels and got me some material.
It wasnt till I made the whole thing, that I thought of taking a picture of before and after. Because I had a bought a plain branch wreath and all the other chatchky's. I spray painted the wreath black, did my magic with the extra's and ended up with this! Iam pretty happy with my creation! Wish I could see everyone elses!
I have also been getting ready for 2 fashion shows this month!Its a lot of fun planning and getting things together, but it loses "me" time. So making this wreath was so much fun! OH! And Iam making things for the shows as well. Hope you guys can make it!!

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