Monday, November 24, 2008

Back safe and sound

Iam finally back to Sunny California. I spent a few days in a little cloudy and very cold Japan. My friends took us to eat some really good Brazilian Food. mmmm it was sooo good! Thank you 369! And the next day I got to hang out with my bff Olivia. Its always fun hanging out with her. We are the type of friends that even if we havent seen each other or talked for a while, we always come back the same way we left off! And the last photo is of my brothers friends and I got to hang out and walk around. We went to Meiji Jingu for Yaku-barai. And to do my usual routine of praying and wishing for a good year for everyone next year! Lets all hope for a big change!


Anonymous said...

hi! Friedia:)
日本に来てたんだね! Oliviaも元気みたいだね!


michael said...

hi friedia!!
i'm michael , i meet u at guangzhou last two week. how are u ? how about your south china trip?