Saturday, November 15, 2008

First VLOG!

hehehe OK. So the reason why I have been distant is why I have been traveling for the past week and a half! My friend and I just got into Guangzhou last night, but on our way there, we took a little video I thought I could put it up! So here is a little bit of something something! I took a new one this morning, will post that one later when I get back!
Will keep you all posted with more Vlogs! I just got myself a Flip and I love it! It fits in my pocket! Its darling!


Anonymous said...

oh my god! You're so much cutest, and I really love your cute voice! :) I have not heard your voice for long time. I'm so glad!

have enjoy Friedia & Mr.Jose! :)


Anonymous said...

aw you voice is so cute! love this and cant wait for more. i want one of those cameras too :-)

mallory said...

aww friedia you have the sweetest voice!
and my you have the nicest skin i have ever seen!
you are such an inspiration to all teen girls around the globe, even here in New Zealand where i am from! eeeep please make your clothes available here! and come to new zealand fashion week!