Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My busy Birthday week!!

As some of you may know that it was Market week in Las Vegas this past week. Usually it falls on Valentines day but this year it was my birthday. First I was worried that I might have to spend it alone. But before I knew it, all my friends had started calling me up and asking where the party was! SO I made RSVP at this FABULOUS restaurant in THE HOTEL at Mandalay Bay for 25 of my friends!! It was the most delicious best meal I have had in Vegas! THE BEST! The chef is supposedly the Number One Chef in all the world! OHH!! And the table where we dined at was up stairs, it was called the "CLOUD" table. Round Glass balls that where hanging from the ceiling all around us like cloouds and above the table where metallic ones, they called it "rain"
The place was beautiful! I hope to go back again some day!
And after dinner, I had gambled for the first time! We went to play black jack and I didnt feel it...too much preassure.
Then we went over the the Crabs table and had a man named TIM help us. He guided us with patience and was funny too! Well, with his help and all my friends, we one a lot of money! (well a lot for me, I was new)
It was so much fun! We couldnt stop laughing! hehehe I got back to the hotel at 4am and woke up the next morning at 9, like nothing had ever happened!
OH OH!! During the begining of the day, my best friend who had moved away from me about a year ago had come over to visit me for a coffee! And I got to hang out with River again. She is the cutest little thing!!!
I have such wonderful people around me. I really do. Am so lucky to call them my friends. Really Iam blessed.
Thank you all!xxx


Anonymous said...

Awww sound like you had fun.

Friends... oboy I should have tryed to keep some.Oh well,that's life for ya,you win some and you lose some.

Rachel said...

happy belated birthday, Friedia! may this year bring all that you're wishing for!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
(sorry for late(^^;))
Your more hopeful future should be there!!

Setchu-an said...

Very Happy Birthday Dear Fredia!(^o^)

wonderhoney said...

happie yappie belated birthday friedia,

hope u had great day ever and wishing u world of happiness today and alwaaayyysss (: