Friday, February 27, 2009

Another successful Art Show!

Another Art show passes thru...At Shojin Cafe in Downtown LA> This time I only did one drawing of my new puppy Vincent.
The show was packed! A lot more people showed up this time! It was a good night! I wore my new polka dot socks and H&M Garcon collabo pants out! It was lovely :)
I also met a girl that told me she follows my blog all the time! How sweet! Ive been getting that a lot recently! Its kinda cool to know that other people around the world are tuning in to this one page at this moment!! ooooo~ the future~!! Loves it!


yuki said...

aww friediaa<33
i'm the girl who told you that i stalk your blog!!
your art was so beautiful, i have to visit again;)

APT909 said...

I heard about this blog from my friend who was in Japan. This is great blog! Great job!!