Saturday, March 14, 2009

Downtown LA Art walk

Downtown LA Art walk is a self guided tour every 2nd Thursday of the month. They showcase many art exhibition venues in downtown Los Angeles. I went down here maybe 2 years ago and remember there was nobody walking outside. Especially in downtown LA during the night time. WELL! A lot has changed since I last went. I took another try last Thursday and the streets were packing with people! Packed! Maybe its because of the economy, maybe its just the new cool thing to do, but Iam def going to do it again next month. I had so much fun! Its like walking the streets with your friends in NY or Tokyo. You just dont really get to do it in LA, so its a special night out. Its hard to explain the art pieces I saw, but please enjoy the pictures! hehehehe
to get more information on this fun filled night and would like to know more, go to:


APT909 said...

It looks great! I will check out next year!!

Rachel said...

cute! :) were you able to find a new apartment yet?