Friday, March 06, 2009

Ive been shipping!!

Hello again! I really should be on top of this blogging thing by now! Geez Iam sorry! But I have been shipping out some of my new goodies! So far J Ransom in LA and Beams in Japan has been shipped. SO go check it out! I believe that the dress' are already selling in J Ransom and its only been a day! They will also post it on their website! So keep checking!!:)
As for the tee's I will have a shipment out soon for Kitson in LA. And what ever I have left in stock I might sell it to all of you out there!! I wish I was all over the world! Been working on my PR. Its been hard ! Coming from a girl who knows nothing of that world, it has been a challenge. But I learn from my mistakes and am growing from them!!

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