Monday, April 20, 2009

Grey Gardens

Just finished watching the "Grey Gardens" Movie on HBO. And I must say it was a beautiful movie. The costumes, shots and actors were brilliant. I absolutely Love the movie. Please go check it out , if you can....
OR here is the real deal....Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange got it to the T!
(if you notice, the barret on Edie is the same one on Drew!)


C said...

hi' friedia :) are u still visiting your myspace :p wow you always look pretty :p may u have a nice day :) and is there anyway that i can get intouch with you probably through e-mail :p -love-peace-

Friedia said...

im not on myspace much...thank you for the comment. Ive been thinking of making an email address for fans etc... but am worried about them bugging my computer and all! eeeek!
i know, anything can happen!