Monday, April 13, 2009

Going back to some roots

Was online looking at Honyee.comIts a website for the cool artists /models/creators of Japanese Hip Culture. A lot of my friends are on, so I check every now and then.And I had heard about Nigo (also a friend) about stepping down from being president, so I went on his blog to read more about it and started reading others and was remembering all the people that influenced me when I was in japan. When I was 18, the people I had met who had inspired me to be more creative. All these memories had come back, and just wanted to share just a small part of it....
I had first seen his art at at the opening of Bape Cafe in Aoyama. He had this huge drawing right when you go down the steps to the cafe (cafe isnt not there anymore) but I thought, WOW! Someone drew that!!!!Its sooo cooool!
And fell in love with the erotic, yet futuristic vision of women. It makes you feel like you dont want to stare to long, but you kinda do ... ??

Then there is Keniichi Tanami. I keep forgetting to buy his book when I go to Japan, maybe this time for sure.
But I just love his vivid colors. A little Murakami'isk type os style...BUT Tanami was here before any of this Murakami stuff was out.
I like it.

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