Monday, October 18, 2010

LA Fashion Week

Sorry for not posting! Been busy with LA fashion week.
Not as big as the NY fashion week, but this is when all the buyers come and all the fashion events pop up and you have no time for breathing!

Luckily and Last minute, my friend Hide invited me to go to the fashion show at the Sunset and Gower area.

One of the lines that was showing was our friends, JOYRICH

Here we are with the head of Joyrich, TOM
Loving his new Spring colorful dino motorcycle jacket!
And Shingo visiting from Japan! SO much fun hanging out with him!!!

Bumped into Yari, who just became a father, Congrats!

Also saw Eri there:)

I was surprised to see Chiharu there! The last time I saw her was 10 years ago!
Yay Candy Stripper!

Joyrich was by far the best show! Cheers to them:)

LA really needs to step up their shows. We need more fashion FASHION in LA....time to roll up my sleeves and get in there!!!!

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