Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mix and Munch

It's this new cafe I found near my home. My husband and I have been driving back and forth in front of this store ever since they put the sign up. Which was almost 6 months ago.

They finally opened so we went for a Sunday brunch;)

It's a new concept cafe. They only have cereal and grill cheese! For the cereals they have so many you can choose from and you can mix them in a size bowl you choose. Then you can have any topping on your cereal! If you don't know what you want to mix. They have a few ideas there on the menu. But being creative for yummy cereal can be a lot of fun!!!
As for the grill cheese , they have a handful that you can pick from the menu. OR you can build your own from scratch !

Thought I would start off with the grill cheese and a side of fresh tomato soup..

If you are in the hood, you must give it a try !

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