Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cheeky Coral Me Pinky

LA weather is getting warmer and warmer by each day, so it really makes you start to think "What am I gonna wear for Spring?"
So thru all my research thru all the Spring Summer 2011 collections (the good and the bad)
I have found two of my favorite colors pop up again! Those colors are the Coral and the Pink (both hot and powder)
If I am can remember correct the pop color trend was here last year for 2010 BUT I do not remember anyone actually trying it!
Not even I tried.... These are those colors that you love looking at in the magazines with the models laying out on the beach beds in Greece or some island that you only visit in your dreams with their perfectly tanned bodies and sparkling cheekbones in the foreign bright sun.
So this year I actually might have to try. Wether it be a nail polish, lip gloss or even a pair of socks that peek thru my summer sandals. Gonna have to start my hunt pretty soon.
It's everywhere!
Even the first minute of the H&M SS11 video, its all pink x coral dress, zipper trim, peeking thru the sleeves.

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