Sunday, April 02, 2006

Daylight Saving Time begins at 2am on April 1st

Hey...Did everyone change their time to be an hour later than usual??Im hoping my cel phone did it automatically! We just had a longer day than yesterday! Usually on Saturdays I take the day off and let my mind and body relax. And recently I just cant. Ive been running around like a mad man.I woke up to a wet and cloudy really early day.Made me not want to get out of the cover's.Japan was so much colder and now I complain about the cold weather in LA. I must be getting spoiled.....
Today I woke up and had some brunch with my good friend Caroline. She is my best friend's little sister and moved here from Japan a year ago. Not far from when I moved down here. She has been ery busy herself with recording her WONDERFUL Album!
And she came back from South by Southwest and finally she has time for friends again!ME! Her album "MURMURS" is really good!Very unique great music."Where's My Love" is soooo good.So pure and cute. You just want to fall in love all over again.The butterflies the smile's the giggles.....You can also check her out on her web site1
She is such a wonderful person inside and out. And has so much talent. She is going to Blow!!Everyone must keep an eye on her!


MK said...

cell phone's automatically change which is nice lol
I actually have Caroline's album! I love it, I wanted to see her at SxSW in Texas but I didn't get to go.

Anonymous said...

hehe yep i changed the time on my watchhh. i like caroline's music [and olivia's!] and we share the same name hehe.

Anonymous said...

Times changes mess with my head something crazy.
<3 I'm just starting to get into Caroline's music through some friends that like her


Anonymous said...

Caroline is a beautiful woman who has the voice of an angel, I wish her good luck in everything!
Her and Olivia sound SO much alike I think.

Anonymous said...

cool. I'll go check her out.

do you still sing?

What other bands or artist you have been rocking out to? =)

Anonymous said...

I only knew about SXSW because From First To Last was playing, but I don't live anywhere near Texas so I couldn't go to something like that. I should see if I can find Carolines album around here, I love Olivia. I bet I have to order it online though. & because of daylight savings time, the clock on my car is wrong and I forget how to change it haha.

- Katieee.

Anonymous said...

Hey, are you still into Gogol Bordello? I'm going to see them soon.. jealous? ;)