Tuesday, April 04, 2006

For all you Claude Montana Lover's!!

Yes I said it! Its for all you 1980's fans! Remember that red leather jacket you always wanted? From Claude Montana? Well guess what? My friend, mr fabulous J found the jacket of his dreams just this weekend at the Pasadena Flea Market! And its in great condition, baby lamb skin in red for $200!You should of seen his face when he found this! I was born in 1980...so Im not the 80's type.But I was so happy for him!! He wore it to work today and it was all about the jacket!Non stop!How he was wanting it for soo long. Couldnt stop touching it.And plus today was raining so he had to be extra careful with it because we wouldnt want his jacket to get all spotted with rain drops! Oh my gosh! He wopuld also just start dancing out of no where too! Dancing like an 80's hipster kid would dance!It was just so funny. Today was all about the Claude Montana!So I just had to show everyone!

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Anonymous said...

That is fantasic. The 80's are just my favorite thing, ever.