Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Inspiration Music

Here are 2 of my heavy HEAVY rotation CD's that I would like to share with everyone! One is Animal Collective. I found out from a friend of mine.And at first I didnt quite get it.Then another friend said she was really into it.So I borrowed her CD. And before I knew it I was addicted! I listen to it on my way back to work eveyday now!On my way to work I must listen to The Kevin and Bean show..Just something I cannot stop!......My favorite is "The Purple Bottle"Its sooo good!! And the 2nd one is Royksopp. I have been a fan for a while now and I recently got their recently new cd.And I fell in LOVE with it again! It made me want to sing again!I also heard from a friend that they wrote songs for Annie.Is that true? I want to sing music like that..Just need the help from talented unique people.... Myabe one day I will get to work with them!My favorite on this one is "What Else Is There?" I also just found the video on the net and I love that too!I love IT!!!


Anonymous said...

Aw I've only heard one song by Royksopp I think... Kinda dance-y music? I can't remember.
YES you need to sing again hehe, I loved Fly High Fly so much! :)

magda said...

Yeah, you have to sing again and i must hear it in germany because everybody have to know you here !
thx a lot :-)


devan said...

I'll have to check those out when I go to the mall today. :)

And it would be awesome if you started singing again. Grizzly was such a good band. I loved your music.

Anonymous said...

I really love "Only This Moment" by Royksopp. I think I listened to it for a whole day once.
I haven't heard the others though I'll have check them out. Thanks for the heads up =]


Anonymous said...

I feel so stupid not knowing any of the names you listed. Nothing even sounds familiar.

- Katieee.

Anonymous said...

I love your drawings =)

Anonymous said...

Cool. I'll have to check them out. I checked out Caroline and I love "where's my love" so pretty. thanks =)

Anonymous said...

you're cuteness makes me happy =) stay cute.

Anonymous said...

awesome i will have to check them out. i agree with everyone else's comments you should start to sing again! i enjoy listening to grizzly and saturday night. =] xoxoxo

<3 caroline

magda said...

hey sweety where did you find the video ? the song is cool i want to watch the video

kiss magda