Friday, September 29, 2006

Happy HOUR!!!!

Happy Hour 1! This was in Pasadena and it was a little screening of alot of short films or music video’s or clips from different directors. Sponsored by Smuggler and Jakes pork and beans and many others. It was fun and somewhat inspiring. I love to watch short films and it makes me want to make short films myself. Hopefully I will get the opportunity one day.
Near the Pasadena movie theatre there was a Famima. Which is a Japanese convenient store that will be taking over America any time now!!They are popping up like pop corn!! They carry Japanese snacks, magazines even the little bento box’s that are just like the ones I used to live off of when I first moved to Tokyo! We decided to have dinner here and take pictures in front of the freezers light!


Setchu-an said...

Biggest shock was the "SPICY SHRIMP INARI."
Its original may be INARI-SUSHI of Japan.
But I've never seen any INARI with Shrimp, at least it should not be SPICY!
It may be created by some evil Americans to destroy the Jpanese culture(^-^)

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures.

I love short films, and independent films. They can be so refreshing and inspiring compared to any old Hollywood drivel.

Emily x

Anonymous said...

you are so cutee!!

Anonymous said...

my supermarket carries a lot of cute japense snacks in the international section, they are all so cute and yummy.
cute pics too!

<3 caroline