Sunday, January 28, 2007

Friends since way back when

I have known these two since I first moved to Japan.Akane was the very first girl to come up and talk to me at school.And Miki always wanted to hang out.Well, these two are now proud parents!So I had to go visit the new born.Born on the same date as his fathers!!How amazing is that??!We hung out had a few pizza's brought out the year book to look back and laugh at ourselves!!
We enjoyed it.They are great friends.They will always be in my life!Congrats with the new baby!!!


MK said...

the baby is so cute!

mallory massacre said...

aww cute !
you would be such a good mum :]
you look very pretty here :]

tm said...

Hi Friedia!!
Are you in Japan now?

meh said...

baby is sooo beautiful. u look like a cute mum in this foto.

Anonymous said...

So I just found this blooger, you haven't changed much, love to hear from you.
Andira, a friend from Blacksburg, Va, although a don't live there anymore

Anonymous said...

awww you look cute with the kids