Sunday, January 28, 2007

sooo GOOD!

I just got back from a weeks trip to Japan.Got a bite to eat, took a long nap and couldnt fall asleep at night....So I decieded to go to the movie theatre.I chose Pans Labyrinth.Not many people knew about it so it wasnt that packed.I just saw a preview and was curious...Guess what!!It was soooo good! I have not seen such a good fairy tale'ish movie that good in a long time! And it had its dark side and bloody side but on top of that it had its beautiful side!The scenes the colors,the story was soo good.
I recomend it!For Sure!xxx

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mallory massacre said...

i love fairy movies
i wonder if it will come out in the cinemas here in new zealand =/
hopee so :]]