Thursday, January 11, 2007

Its OUT!

Please go to
and click on collections.
They just put it up!


Setchu-an said...

Is it really you!?
Extremely beautiful, fashionable & cute!
Perfect to be loved(^o^)

magda said...

preeettty i love it !

Sheralyn said...

AH, I hope you got to keep some of those clothes, they're great!
You make them look amazing, I love this shoot =D


Anonymous said...

WOW! i love those! very vintage and retro looking. they're great!

<3 caroline

MK said...


Anonymous said...

Hey,girl,it's really beautiful,u know!
I'm crazy love these pic!!!!!!!!!

Tracy said...

those pictures are so beautiful! you look extremely well suited to all of those outfits, it makes me want to buy them!

songnia said...

i mad like those's fashionable n u are like audrey hepburn...oh..btw..u are my idol too...haha..i am one of your hk fanz...the first time i heard about your name was in the vivi n peach john...your name was still rin kozue at that time!..i support u forever!...hoping that u can rock your life n business!

caoru said...