Sunday, April 13, 2008

Opening of Opening Ceremony Mini Mall

I got to celebrate the opening of the 2nd floor in the LA Opening Ceremony. It is my favorite store in LA. They have amazing lines, incredible choices of great brands. I got to meet the owner.He is such a nice guy. I am happy for their new addition.There were a few designers I look up to there. But my only celebrity sighting for the night was Jason Schwartzman. Enjoy!


Oh said...

Japan is 8:25 p.m. now.
I watch blog after having eaten supper.

as for your blog, there is stimulation every day!
I think that a person creating a thing is splendid. and

Woo!! Yes!! Enjoy!!
Do its best cheerfully!! ^^

Now. I play "DS". ^^ See u!!

大 乱 交スマッシュブ ラジャーズ said...
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