Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My trip to China!

Sorry it took me a while to put these up here! So this was my 2nd day there. The first was a lot of work and discussing what we needed to do for the next line. The factory I use is in China, but they mainly do stuff for japanese stores and or clothing lines. So they speak japanese and do very good work! They are all such hard workers! It makes me look bad!!
So back to the story. the 2nd day we went out to Shanghai to look for some soft flowy fabrics. So we headed down to this big mall type of place that had little booth like stores inside. It was all filled with beautiful fabrics! And I found a few that I will be using for my Spring 09 line and maybe carry it over to summer 09 too! And after this we had a little bit of time so we walked around a bit. They took me to "Shanghai Times Square" And there was a big Ferragamo shoe. I big photo op!
Oh, our driver had on the brightest shirt in Shanghai! I loved it!


金太郎 said...
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Asako said...

Hello! I am a fan from japan. I am really glad to see you, I didn't know you began to use a different name (I mean, your real name) so I didn't notice it was you at first. You are still very very pretty!

Anonymous said...
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