Friday, January 02, 2009

The Best New Years EVER~!

Before anything, it was Josh's Birthday. Happy Birthday again Joshie. Love you!
OK! On New Years Eve, I got to eat the Last Nabe of the year at HARU in Weho. Got to spend time with my close friends and have a relaxing night. Then went over to see the floats the day before the parade. WOW, that was amazing! The Rose Parade is something I have been watching since I moved down to LA, and this time I actually got to see the floats up close! They were soooo~ cool! It makes you want to be a float maker!(iam sure there is a word for that...hehehe) But its that cool looking! We did the count down on the street and then went home and celebrated the count down one last time for 2008. My dad came over and we played Rock Band till late! So Much Fun! The next morning we woke up super early and went to go see the Rose Parade in Action. The marching bands make the parade so much more exciting! Hope you watched it on TV!!
My fav's were the Wizard of Oz, Mad Hatter and the Jack in the Box float! Yes, JAck in the Box,,,,Jack was on the float dancing with all these groovy 70's dancers. So much fun!

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