Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brazilian Night TMRW!

Some of my friends will be over tomorrow and for the weekend, so I decided to be a good host and make them dinner!....Which I dont mind at all cus I do love to cook! And since everyone knows my japanese side, I thought I would show them my brazilian!
Went down to this small Brazil Mall in Culver City. Its very small but has everything you need to make Feijoada! mmmm~ my fav.
My mom makes the best! Oh , and the cookies I couldnt keep my hands off of...just like my mom. Cassini Coconut ones! mmmm~ Cant wait!

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Anonymous said...

You have a Brazilian shopping area in LA... Not fair. I live in Modesto, CA and there is nothing. The closest place to get BR stuff is San Francisco or Sacramento, so I go a long time without the awesomness of Pao de queijo, Guarana, and so on.