Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Magical Mascara!

The other day I was fortunate enough to meet a very successful and beautiful, sweet lady. She started her own mascara line! Its called "Fairy Drops" and its all over in the stores in Japan. When I was there in Nov I saw it a lot and was curious but didnt get a chance to go and buy one. Well, she gave me the mascara herself! And now, Iam ADDICTED! Its the best mascara by far! If you know me , I love cosmetics and am very picky with my mascara!VERY! I was always a Lancome fan and I recently have been trying other's, but nothing really stuck. THIS ONE! This one is staying! It has three balls on the brush. Its like a magic wand!
The balls are like a fariydrop. Or a fairy's tear drop... how sweet it is~
No clumps, goes on really smooth and the platinum fairydrops have fibers in it so your lashes become more volumnious (if thats a real word!haha) And it comes on glossy!PLUS!! the package is super cute too!
Too bad it hasnt made its way here to the states yet, but Iam going to try to do something to make that happen! :)
My girlfriends already want one. So I have a list of people to get it for when I go back to Japan!hehehe~
For all you gals in Japan, your so lucky!


Rachel said...

Ahh I want to try this...if I get one maybe I can review it on my blog, hehe. What was your favorite Lancome mascara before? Only Japanese fiber brands work for me.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had that in Canada! y_y Please spread the word to bring it here. I also love Japanese mascaras bc the brushes reaches my tiny short lashes wonderfully.

Anonymous said... has some in stock now, i'm going to try it out finally!