Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I finally got it!

Hey you guys! I've been in the dark for the past couple days because I have been studying my EYE's and HEART out on this State Board License for being a true Manucurist! ( I need to learn how to spell that! hehe) Manicurist!!
It was all day today. I went in at 7:30am registered, went to go and rent my tools and my wardrobe. Left everything in the car. Literally everything! My phone, camera, pens, notebooks etc.. all gone for a good 2 hours while I did my written exam.
Then a break time until my practical. I did some image training on what was going to happen! Met with my lovely model walked in all relaxed and confident.... Finish 15 min before the timer goes off:) Wait for another 30~45 min..and we wait for the results.
The girls that were called before me did not make it...Even the cute Vietnamese girl I had become friends with(Drove from San Diego at 4am in the morning to take this day test!)...She didnt make it. Thats when my confidence level went back down to 0! THEN, I saw girls crying!! The ones that didnt make it!! "Oh no~" was all that was going thru my mind, I really thought " I have to do it all over again"...thats when the man called my name and told me to sign my name in the box because I had passed!!!
YAY~! For the past 3~4 days that I could not sleep or think of anything else, Iam finally free from the TEST Stress!
Went home turned on the TV (what a luxury) and passed out on the sofa! What a busy day! From 7:30am till a little after 5pm. Felt like it would never end! But I did it! And it all started from me asking my friend whom owns a nail salon "Is it hard to get a license?"....Well, 3 months later, I did it!!!
NOW what?!


Anonymous said...

congratsssssss FRIEDIA!:)
I want to nailart by new born Manucurist(about U):)
xxx dora

Jessie said...

Yay! Congrats!! :D