Sunday, May 09, 2010


I have found a few new blogs to follow! many now, its hard to keep up!
My friend Esther the other day asked me "Do you speak BLOG?" and I told her I thought I did! Well guess what?!
I DO!!! We totally knew what we were talking about!hehehe

OK, so the first one I wanted to show you is Super Kawaii (Super Cute)
She does get a lot of her info from Japan or japanese sites, and I cant stop looking. It makes you feel okay to wanna put bows in your hair and ice creams on your nails!

Then there is the one where I feel like I connect with her style all the way. I ove her posts I love her style, I want everything she is wearing. And cant stop thinking of her FAB nail idea's!!!They are all so genius! So much to learn from her:)
She is cute , cool and rocker chic at times.

So here is my little itty bitty version of both put together:)
Here are photo's from when I had shaved ice the other day in K-Town. NOTICE:the colorful fruity pebbles! Thats why we go to Yogurtland you guys!!!

Then! ALL DAY TODAY I could not stop thinking about the MIU MIU I did it! I made tips for the salon and I made my own version of the PRADA print:) with little bow ties (got that idea from the Zara knock off's!)hehehe

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