Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My friends friend has a blog (n japanese) all about eating out in Los Angeles K-Town...So my friend told me he wanted to try out this spot that he had heard from the blogger friend.
check it--> http://ameblo.jp/la-k-town/
We headed down to Ktown to explore the yummy restaurants! Not knowing what to expect, it was a hole in the wall. Kinda looked like the place was lost back in time. And only elderly like Korean natives were in there.....Everyones eyes were on us for sure.

That didnt stop us!
We ordered what we were told.....which is the grilled fish and the Chige Nabe'ish spicey soup...
(if I only knew how to say it in Korean.....Sorry I am not helping you guys right now....BUT when we got there
we opened up this girls blog and pointed to the pictures and got exactly what was on there!!! So maybe you can do the same:)

They start off with a Fruit Salad....really..fruit on salad...this was very interesting....the dressing was Mango...
Cannot describe the taste. You have to try it. It was an experience.

But after that, it was a home run!!
Soooo yummy! Everything you see here...I ate it all...OR , WE ate it all!
We cleaned the plates for sure!

They finished it off whit Papaya Juice!!!!!

Here is the coolest thing about this place!
So every customer that sits and eats at the restaurant gets a box of fresh fruit of the day to take home!
How crazy is that?!
Tonight was MANGO night and because our friend knew the owner he gave us extra KIWI's....for days!!!!
I am still trying to eat all that Mango I got!!!
If you do not believe me you have to go and check for yourself.
BUT beware...the WHOLE entire Menu is in Korean.So bring a pal:)

Go for an Adventure in K-Town!!!!
Wando Fish BBQ
357 S. Western Ave #101

L.A. CA 90020


Let me know what you get! And what fruit you get too!!

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