Sunday, November 07, 2010

The most delicious meal in Japan, so far!

I wish words could explain how good this was, or I had more of the vocabulary to write how good it was.
It is located near Tokyo station ,called "Shima" there are no signs so you will not just find it out of the blue, but if you google might come up!
To sit at the table you will have to make a reservation a month in advance!! But if you do not mind the counter, they should be able to sit you any time ( call before though!) it is a very small spot, two big tables that sits 8 each and the counter holds maybe another 8 or so. The chef can speak a little of english because of all the foreigners that come by!

We started off with fresh raw oysters, a salad (forgot to take a picture!) then some raw beef... i know sounds crazy.. I was hesitant to eat it in the beginning but once I put it in my mouth it melted away like a really good raw tuna!
Next we had the crab meat with miso...indescribable! Then came the meat!
Now don't forget, the meat is so good you can eat it raw.....It melts in your mouth. All I can say is "wow"!!!
And to end it off they asked what kind of fruit with sorbet we wanted and I had Papaya fruit with Mango Sorbet.

Amazing , just amazing.
If you have the time and the money (little pricey!for lunch maybe around $150~$200 per person and dinner $200~$300) and you want the best meal EVER in Japan, then stop by , give it a try and let me know what you get!!!
Trust me, if I had a lot of money and a lot of time in Tokyo, you would see me there everyday!!!

東京都中央区日本橋3-5-12 日本橋MMビル B1F

Just found this~!!
Shima in particular is a beef otaku's paradise.

Chef Oshima has worked in London at the Connaught, went on to France and Germany to round out his cooking and then returned to Japan some 12 years ago to open Shima. Shima is a beef restaurant in Tokyo that puts all the beef I've ever had to shame. The restaurant is tiny, holding 20 people maximum. A few small tables in the back and a long counter behind which the kitchen staff prepare every dish ordered from scratch. cont....

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