Friday, November 12, 2010

Snail Cream



It is what it says.....

I had my clients come here (LA) from Japan and one of the first things the asked was
"Do you know about the SNAIL CREAM?" "It's for your face"
I had to ask again , just to double check......"Did you just say SNAIL??"

They told me that it is a big craze in Korea and coming into Japan right now. I knew nothing of it, so I did my research and I found it! You can only buy it online...unless there is some rare store in LA that is not online that I missed.

So this miracle cream can erase scars, rashes,burn marks,stretch marks ,almost anything!!!
Use is as an anti-aging cream, acne treatment, ingrown hairs...the list goes on and on.
And it is all organic. No snails have been harmed in the process!
It is all natural , hypoallergenic and safe for any age.

I have not tried it yet, but I have placed an order on this mysterious cream.
Here is the most popular cream of the snail sort:
ELCINA Snail Cream

Main Site from Chili :

Has anyone else heard about this???

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