Saturday, November 06, 2010

November in LA is like summer

Hello Darlings!

So sorry I have been out of the loop. Been traveling to Japan and China for business. The almost 2 week trip was so busy ,it went by so fast!

Now I have learned my lesson for bringing Ipad's to Japan....DONT DO IT!
They are not current on wifi in the hotels! (staying at a friends or a place in Roppongi, you will be fine...)
But other than that, I now need to by a computer to take with me or I wont be able to work or post up on blogs etc.

Japan was very cold and a lot of rain. China, I went to Guangzhou, was very warm.
THEN back in LA and its 97 degree's out! We are in November!!! What is going on?

I am worried.....

Will post pix of Japan and China very soon:)

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