Monday, March 21, 2011

Need your HELP

Ever since March 11, 2011 , when I saw on the TV screen the first shots of the Tsunami eating up Japan, I have been feeling so sad, and so down. My heart hurt every time I turned on the TV to only hear more of the tragedies.
I thought to myself that there was nothing I could do to help.Since I cannot make it out there I am worthless.
But thats not true.Everyone can help and be a part of rebuilding Northern part of Japan.
As of now, no one is actually allowed up there, so all we can do here is donate.
Donate your morning coffee money (make coffee at home) Or donate that one drink that you were planning on getting at that fancy bar (or have someone buy you a drink while you know you are helping someone in Japan)
There are families out there that need food, water, blankets anything and everything. They have lost a lot.
If you are going thru a tough time yourself, you can donate your old shoes to Sports Chalet
Find your way to help.(make sure they are not scams!) Try to stay with the RedCross or the RedCross Japan.
The donations so far is far behind compared to Haiti...
A philanthropy newspaper reports that international non-profit donations to help Japan, one week after the 9.0 quake, total $87 million.
Haiti received $275 million in donations to non-profits one week after their big quake. Areas hit by Hurricane Katrina saw $522 million one week after that disaster.

Come on you guys!!! We can do better than that!!!

Let's all come together and HELP!
DONATE please

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