Sunday, March 06, 2011

Being a Stylist today

There is this website in Japan called BUYMA.
BUYMA is a new type of global shopping market.
It is a market where anyone can participate as a “buyer” or “personal shopper” and recommend items and shop for others. When a seller (called “buyers” in BUYMA) comes across an item that they feel other people would find attractive as well‚ they introduce the item on BUYMA and offer to buy and ship it to the purchaser. The item is listed on BUYMA along with a picture of the item (taken with camera-phones and digital cameras) and a price set by the seller. The seller does not actually purchase the product until someone places an order for the product‚ allowing the seller to list products without carrying any inventory.

So anyone can be a BUYER.

But NOW, actually about 2 weeks ago they started "BUYMA OFFICIAL STYLIST"
Anyone can become a stylist!
You can make your own page and go on their site and find all the sweet , cute and sexy pieces of clothing, shoes, even beauty products! And show everyone what you would pick and how you would style it. (adding a comment)

I wanted to share what I picked today!

Top Shop almost Polka Dot Trench Coat.
Perfect for the Spring weather (coming up soon!)

And some MIU MIU polka dot heels!

Now,for these polka dot beauties for this Spring, I want to try it out with colorful socks or printed socks and HEELS!
Fun Spring times!
Only in the Spring time you can enjoy colorful socks like this!

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