Monday, March 07, 2011

Case Crazy

When I heard that Apple was coming out with a new MacBook Pro, I was ON IT! Ordered it right away!!!
I was waiting for this day for soooo long!
(my last lap top was purchased 5 years ago)

The computer got here a day or two ago and I cannot put it down now!
And since I found out that I will be already traveling with my new 13"Buddy, I thought that I should get a case ASAP.
Went on to the INCASE site and could not leave it!
Was on there for almost an hour checking out all their products and collaborations!

I fell in LOVE with the ELEY KISHIMOTO case.
Still debating on either Black or Pink....Leaning more towards PINK....right?!

They even had these cases (but for 15" only)

And the IPhone case's!!!


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