Sunday, December 10, 2006

My brother and his 3 other buddies have a mini internet tv show they do live every once a week and they asked me to be the guest.And of course, I cant say no to my cute brother! It started at 10pm and its live so we could chat with fans or anyone who was watching.The sad thing is that we cant see it here in the U.S...or thats what they told me...anyways, we had alot of fun.Or at least I did just watching them saying funny silly things! I didnt talk much....I was so over whelmed!!!Afterwards Kentarou had a fashion show to go to,so we all went and hung out.At this club called warehouse.Got there and my other friend Shyougun was there.We hung out(forgot to take a pix..) but we had a fun time!


Anonymous said...

Aww! That looks like great fun, you guys are so cute.

Emily x

Anonymous said...

Your brother is really styling in that first pic.

Anonymous said...

You look SO Beautiful! Simply Stunning.

Anonymous said...

how cool! too bad we can't see the internet thing though.

<3 caroline

Anonymous said...

OMG!! it is first time to check your HP and i found my old friend who is black guy! he is kotarou, isnt he? i used to attend a same high school with him, so this photo which there is him really surprising me a lot! how is he goin? im in us so thats why i havent seen him for a long long time..miss him

by the way, i love your smile, you're like a angel*