Monday, December 04, 2006

Friday:SCawaii Saturday:OFF

So friday I had a meeting in the morning, interview at noon and another big SLY photoshoot late afternoon till sleepy time!
So I didnt take any pictures.I guess I was to busy to stop and push a button....But that was for SCawaii and that too will be out in Jan.2007.
And on Saturday I had a day off so I walked around one of my favorite stores, Tokyu Hands.Oh! and Loft.And I bought myself a schedual book and some pens.Then I spent some time with my friend.We had lunch and did alot of talking! The last photo's are in a bathroom in Parco!!!Isnt that crazy?


Setchu-an said...

Wow! You are here in Japan!?
I missed the chance to see you again.(T_T)
If you are still in Japan, please have a Off-Line meeting!(^o^)

Anonymous said...

Cool pics!! =)

Anonymous said...

woah, what a view!!

<3 caroline

MK said...

awesome I love the view