Sunday, December 10, 2006

Last day in japan for 2006

So what does a girl do?She goes and gets her hair done pretty!plus it was the last day there in 369 (Miroku) They are going to renew their place in a whole new spot! It will hopefully be open again at the end of the year.I wont be able to make it , but I def will make it for their party in jan. 07!Iam really going to miss this spot.Many good memories here.I had a great 22nd birthday party there.We all got dressed up! My first Miu Miu dress....oh gosh.....After I did my hair I went and met up with my hairdresser friend Masaki! He moved to Japan about 3 months ago to open up his own salon! From what he said its going to look like..Iam very excited for him! He knows what he wants so Im not worried!His salon will open in jan or feb 07!!! Everyone is starting fresh!
So am I!


MK said...

your scarf is cute.

Anonymous said...

awww cutttteee.

Anonymous said...

wow what a neat looking salon. i like it! and you look cute as always, i love your glasses. :D

<3 caroline