Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nail Class

Its been a very slow sunday for me and its just purrrfect! I have had a very crazy week. It felt like it was non-stop!!
Been working, shipping out our new FJ scarves! Super cute by the way!!!
and Also I have been helping out my friends nail salon, Marie Nails in Weho. I have become really good friends with the owner and try to help her when I can. Its been a lot of fun!
It has also inspired me to start taking nail class'es!! Watching the girls create these wonderful little creations on peoples finger tips got me wanting to do it to! So, i have been taking classes 2~3 times a week.
So far I have completed the basic manicure class and am on to the CalGel class! So much fun!
You better watch out! I might just have to open up my own nail salon!!!!
Here is the website!
here is the blog:


Anonymous said...

where can we see/buy the scarves?

Rachel said...

cool! where do you go to take classes? i wanna learn too :D

Friedia said...

i take classes at the nail salon here in LA! Do you live in LA???