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(2009年5月27日06時00分 スポーツ報知)

this was in the japanese news paper yesterday!


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So I suspect that the following babelfish translation isn't the most accurate. It made me laugh however. Especially the following translation: “He being very strange with the suite, is handsome."

I need to brush up on my kanji's...^^

<3 David

From Yahoo Babelfish :
"[hurideia] happy full engagement  Renaming from the not coming obtaining bell, [hurideia] which is active (29) it understood that you have been engaged. You say that it received proposal 1 years, ago waiting for the fact that mourning of the [jiyoshiyua] of the younger brother who dies in the May last year opens, it opened the engagement party. With itself [burogu] of 4 dates publishing the two shot photograph. Presently we have assumed that such as moment of wedding you adjust lastly. “He being very strange with the suite, is handsome. The inside and appearance and” you question and the fish are slow the [ke]. The ring has shone in the left hand ring finger of [hurideia], they are happy full circumstances. (2009 May 27th 06:00 sport informations)"

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