Thursday, May 28, 2009

Relaxation time with Singing Bowls

I just got back from a 9 day trip in japan. Had the best time ever. I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard, everyday.
Everyone was great! the weather was wonderful and so was everything else. Just a blast! I miss it already.
Though , it was the most fun I have had on a trip to japan, it was probably the most I had walked. Planning out where to go and what to do first for the whole week! Geez! that was a lot of work!! We walked in Asakusa, Akihabara, Ueno park. All day Kamakura and Enoshima and lets not forget the one day trip we did to Mount Fuji!!
(will post more pix once I load it on my computer!)
We get back today and pass out! NO Joke! we were OUT! slept waaay to much. We just needed to relax.
To let go of all the airport craziness, walking around with out heavy back packs....
Wishing to get some sleep in the plane ride back. I wish I had brought my Crystal Singing Bowls on the plane. So that we could all just zen IN! Just listen to the humming from the bowl and erase all the nonsense.
I need to make a trip to Tibet. Iam sure you hear the Crystal Singing Bowls everywhere.
Its also good for Yoga!! and meditating etc
check it out!
Crystal Singing Bowls

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Natsumi said...

Hi.My name is Natsumi. I am sorry for this sudden comment.

I actually sent an e-mail to your Monn Amur adress about a favor to interview you for my class.

If you don't mind, could ou take a look on it?

Thank you very much,
Natsumi Kasukawa