Sunday, July 26, 2009

Enjoyed some Duck last night!

hehehe, the title is kinda funny. I dont eat a lot of duck, actually I dont eat it at all. It had been maybe 8 years since my last duck. And that was for a tv show. Plus duck isnt something you wanna eat all the time, after the 2nd serving you are already done with it, in my opinion at least.
So my friends took me out to this place called "The Duck House" in Monterey Park. They told me it was famous for their duck.
Well, it was! It was really good food! My fav had to be the sticky rice with eel. It was sooo good!
If you do decide to make a trip down here to try it out, make sure you bring friends! There is a lot in one order so plenty to go around!Check out the website...

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