Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Successful Sale Event FIN

First of all , thank you for all of you who made it down to the sale event! It was soo good seeing you!
Thank you QIO for letting us have this super event, thank you to all the lines who worked with us! ( you know who you are!)
And thank you sooo much for the kids who volunteered to help for the whole 2 days! with out you guys, I dont know what we wouldve done! Your Help was more than we could ever ask for.Arigatou.
So many of my friends stopped by, wish I had taken more photo's.....Here is TJ trying on one of my pieces!! hehehe
He is so popular among my girl friends! (yes, he is an actor!)
And then my other friend, You may know him from the famous TV show "I survived a Japanese Game Show" Host Rome Kanda.
Its such a great show! I love watching it!:) When I try to do the "Ha~i Majide~~!" then Rome gets shy and tells me not to do it so loud!hehehe I like surprising him every now and then!
Go watch his show!!! We need season 3 to happen , so that I can go on it!!! I should be a pro by now!!!
Here is his blog.He also does comedy shows here in LA! Check it out!


麻美 said...

thankyou for give me back a comment, friedia!! was very happy and unbeliveable that you wrote me back(^^)
of course you can post the picture up on your blog!
But last night, I somehow deleted the image(><)
So, please wait few days.
promise I will send you a cute picuture of you!!


shell said...

hey! i know you are leaving f&j but i was looking at a scan....and i knew i knew the scarf! haha it's cool they're getting press in japan :-)

skyline.days said...

I'm glad the event was successful!!!! Still wish I could have gone. Maybe someday~

And I love that show!!! It's too funny.

Friedia said...

To Shell,
Yeah, I saw that! Nicole also bought a lot of Monn'Amur as well! I think she is waiting to wear it after baby number 2 pops! Cant wait!!:)