Thursday, July 09, 2009


As you all know, we are having a huge SUMMER SALE this weekend. And I have been going thru everything I have in stock...
This is what Iam going to do, Iam going to use the power of the internet to reach out to all of you who want one! Iam pricing it MORE than HALF OFF the WHOLESALE PRICE!!! ((It cost more to make than this price!!)) eeeek!:) ( this is a first and it will be a long while till my next!...) In stores these are selling for $150 and Japan I heard its almost $200~?? Since I will be leaving the company , and will be moving out very soon. Iam wanting to sell out all my inventory and want to reach out to all you guys for your last chance to own one! (FJ will still go on, but by someone else, not me)
Here is the deal, I have the most popular style, which is the MEXICAN FIESTA (SKULL) in BLK/WHT, ROUGUE, MOCHA and OLIVE
If you want one, please email me your order and I will get in touch with you and go thru paypal from there on.(or cc if you feel comfortable) You pay for shipping, your choice!
COST for these CUTIES are.........drum roll please.........
YES!!! $30/each!!
So you better hurry! I dont have sooo many left and it will go all on sale (same price) on Saturday and Sunday!

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shell said...

too bad i'm broke! i know my friend is wondering when you're posting results for your scarf comp, though! she really wanted to win that cute one you put up haha xo