Saturday, July 04, 2009

holiday shopping:)

Was out in century city, had a meeting. The girl told me that there was a big shoe sale at Bloomies. So we decided to just stop by to see what there was..Well, there was soooo many people that we had to fight to get to the shoes!It was crazy
I wasnt meaning to buy anything, but when I saw these..I couldnt say no. It was another 40% off the sale price!!! Thats like almost nothing..hehehe
And it was going great with the outfit I had on..wish I had a picture of it....
Will wear it out tomorrow! Cant wait!!!
P.S this line is called "Boutique 9" Its a higher end line for Nine West!! I didnt know they did that!
So many cute styles! And the lady also said they are comfier than Nine Westies!

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